Sunday, July 9, 2017

ليبيه افدم اون نينمولن للنا

This is a rendering of the final physical product packed in a beautiful box. References and excerpts of the book can be found at Forgotten Languages, Org. under the label اون نلک ال لم ديبده

Our printed copy of Libro de la Contemplación (Book of Contemplation) comes in seven volumes and has been typeset from the original material provided by FL, Org. to us. We've chosen a page size of 6,07 x 9,31 inches for this book.

ƹɿƍ ɰƹɣղƍ ƺëɿ ɰƍ - ƍղƹϧ

A rare 267-page (ebook version in PDF) long treatise of Sufi knowledge written in Affelian, using Akarni alphabet. It includes original translation of obscure paragraphs in the Ethiopian version of the Book of Enoch.

The typeset book has a length of 534 pages, each of which is printed in a 6,02 x 9,62 inches sheet of handcrafted wornout folio. The book is reproduced using propietary Akarni typography, rendring two volumes which are contained in our standard package.


The electronic form of this book is a 197 one-side page reproduction of the Angua Črenail protocol, belonging to the Nisezegua Satanic prayer's book, written in the Nashta language and containing a powerful spell section. The printed book comes in 250 one-sided pages which include original annotations of the unknown original owner. On page 5 the original owner wrote only for the initiated, and we therefore make the due warning for the reader.

The book is typeset using Ars Typographycae standard paper size - 6,03 x 9,62 inches - and propietary fonts. The book is packed using our standard box.


This is beautiful 153 one-side page book written in the Alashi language and rendered using Shinar propietary typeset. Translation of its contents is still in progress, though translated portions point to a book about magical ceremonies of pre-Islam times.

The typeset book comes in 200 one-side pages with Ars Typographycae standard size, printed on folio artwork. Details of the main text can be found at Forgotten Languages, Org. site under the label Nazorean as well as entries titled کسترد

Alashi Bible

This is a 743-page long reproduction of Kedwuyil, apparently a book about religion focusing on the history of the first fallen angels, written in the Alashi language using the Affelian alphabet. As this is the central book of the Lilithian cult literature it is also called The Alashi Bible..

The typeset book comes in four volumes, printed in Ars Typographicae standard paper size with illumination and decorative motives, as found in the original. It ships in our standard rugged box for better preservation of the books.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Herbal - AT

The printed copy of this rare herbal book comes in five volumes, written in the Alashi language. First volume is 417 pages; the second volume is 455 pages, while the third and fourth volumes are 410 and 404 pages, respectively, while the last volume contains illustrations and annotations as found in the original book provided to us by Forgotten Languages, Org.

This book is typeset using different propietary fonts and printed in 6,43 x 10,02 inches paper size. The paper is specifically manufactured for us in order to keep as close to the original as possible. The entire set is packed using a special rugged box beautifully decorated.

Due to the complexity of the reproduction process for this book we can only accept one order per year.

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